Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's a Brand New Business

We have become It Works! Independent Distributors.  We already love the products and are working on getting our customer base.  If you haven't checked them out before, seriously consider it.  Visit our website to learn more.  The guy in the picture on the right is my husband.  Yes, I know he's already skinny but that doesn't mean it won't work to tone and tighten his core.  You can use It Works! Body Enhancement Applicators (or wraps) anywhere on your body that you need them, and we even have facial applicators formulated just for the delicate facial tissue.
This Loyal Customer (shown to the left) had gastric bypass surgery and had a lot of excess skin left from her weight loss.  It's just amazing what an It Works wrap can do for that!  It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 50 pounds to lose, the products from It Works are the best quality for your money.  I love the Fat Fighters and Greens.  The Fat Fighters help not only by absorbing fat but they also can help regulate blood glucose levels. The Greens are drink additive (kind of like drink powder sticks) that contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as the equivalent of 8 servings of green vegetables; and comes in Berry or Orange flavor.

Not sure you can afford it?  Sign up to be a Loyal Customer (it costs $50 but right now they have a program where you can get the fee waived if you commit to auto-shipping for 3 months) and you'll get the products at distributor pricing.  The best part is, you don't have to buy just the wraps to be a Loyal Customer, you can purchase any of the products It Works offers.  This is a great first step if you aren't sure if you want to be a distributor.

The TOO GOOD Bonus

The $10,000 GOOD Bonus is BACK for just one more month (ends August 31 at 8pm Central time)! The $10,000 Good bonus is available for NEW distributors who enroll THIS MONTH and reach diamond level by November. What an amazing Holiday season these team members will have with that bonus! You could go see family for Christmas, get your kids that stupidly expensive toy they drool over, keep your heater turned up (something that sounds awful right now with this heat). But the possibilities are endless!

On top of that, the $20,000 TOO GOOD bonus is up and running... the sooner you join my team, the more time you will have to get entries into the drawing! 20 people will be so blessed by this $20,000 bonus! What would $20,000 do for your debt??? Adios school loans! Bye bye credit cards (our beast of burden)!

I'd like to encourage you to be a part of something BIG!! You have an opportunity to become debt free, have financial freedom, reach your goals, follow your dreams, and to spend that time with your family that you've always wanted.


Friday, May 2, 2014

A Lie is a Lie and Disrespect is Disrespect

One of the reasons that I so enjoyed moving into freelance journalism was because I put up with so much disrespect when I worked in the casinos in Las Vegas.  When my husband and I moved to Illinois, my freelance work slowly declined and I've begun working outside of the home again.  I try to keep my hand in by self-publishing ebooks on Amazon and Kobo, but most of my part of the income comes from working outside of the home at two different jobs.

The first job that I've had for over a year is working as a church secretary, which I highly enjoy.  I get to put my desktop publishing skills to use as well as my journalism degree.  I get and give respect to the people that employ me there.  I love this job and wouldn't willingly give it up.

My second job is working at a local RV Park run by a casino.  I give and get respect from everyone I work with there with the exception of one person.  This person (L) bragged to me when she was training me that she pretty much does nothing at home to take care of her children or husband.  At work, she gives respect only to one person, our director, and it's self-serving.  I don't like L because I know she is a liar, is lazy, and will do or say almost anything to get ahead because she thinks it's her due.  I've also noticed that she's not above making herself or her life look pitiful/difficult to gain sympathy so people will overlook her obnoxious behavior.  I've worked with her kind before, she thinks because she wants something, she can take whatever steps are necessary to achieve it, even if it means accusing others of doing things they haven't done or lying about co-workers to get ahead.  She also thinks that because she had a cushy job in the past, then she's entitled to one now. 

But I digress, the reason I know L is a liar is because the second week I was there training with her, she said that she and the director had noticed that the trash hadn't been taken out in one of the 5 trash cans in the store since the store opened two weeks before, and that there were a couple of things they'd noticed hadn't been picked up and they were waiting to see how long it would take someone to do it.  Now, I know the first comment about the emptying the trash cans was an outright lie because when I was training with another female co-worker a couple nights before, we both had emptied every trash can in the store and took it all out to the dumpster.  The second ticked me off because our director isn't the kind to not tell someone to clean something up that needed to be cleaned, and also because if our director knew L knew about it, the director would have asked her to pick it up.  A few days later the other girl tells me that she got written up for not taking out the trash, which I know she does.  The other thing I know is that L didn't have me do any cleaning the nights I trained with her, though the second night I trained with her I made sure I did it including taking out the trash.

 Move forward about 2 weeks and I'm trying very hard to forgive and forget but I'm still very angry about what happened the other day when I worked.  Most days I work 5 hours per evening (and only on days that I don't work at my job at the church), I come in and mostly do cleaning with a few check-ins here and there as well as a few sales at the convenience store that houses the RV Park check-in center.  And that Thursday, like most days since I've finished training and work by myself, I was ready to close about a half hour before the store closed.  I had my register counted down, I had all of my paperwork sorted to drop off, and I'd finished all of my cleaning duties. About fifteen minutes before I was due to close the store, my supervisor (M) and L came by to take care of an issue that I admittedly caused the first week I was working on my own, which is enough to make me nervous because I feel like I'm being checked up on.  I understand they have to fix this issue and L said that I had to be there to do it.  While they were waiting for the store to close, I pointed out that the co-worker that I'd relieved that afternoon had worked hard and did a really good job rearranging our candy/food shelf.  L goes over there and looks at it then says, "She was here when the director said we were going to move all of this over to that rolling rack by this window.  She just wasted her time doing this." While my co-worker may have wasted her time doing what she did, the least someone could say was, "Yes, she did do a good job and it looks great."

I ignored the comment because what can you say to someone who really doesn't want to give anyone their due.  Well, M & L were not prepared to do the job they supposedly came to do because they didn't bring and couldn't recall the register check numbers they needed to fix it and spent a good 40-45 minutes searching on my register for it.  Then, when I pointed out that I needed to close out my register drawer, L asks for my sign on card for the register so she can work on the other register.  I hesitantly hand it over because my first rule on this kind of job is not to allow anyone to do anything that could possibly affect the count on my drawer.

She swipes my card and says, "You didn't reset this register last time you worked on it.  You wouldn't have been able to just swipe your card and not have to login if you had."  At this point, I realize two things: one, I know that I logged out of that register the last time I used it more than a week prior to that date and if I hadn't, our main auditor would have force logged me off, and two, she doesn't really have a clue what she's talking about because when she printed the register report to prove it to me, the total would have been much higher if I hadn't logged off and reset that register.  I politely disagree with her saying, "I did log off that register the last time I used it, that's why I created this check list for myself so I don't forget.  And if I hadn't logged off the total would have been much higher."  She just looks at me with this disgusted smirk because I dared disagree with her and said, "We'll see if you balance when you count out your drawer."  I was proven right by my count and by IT later that evening.

By that time (about 45 minutes after the store closed and about 30-35 minutes later than I would normally have been out of there), I had finished counting out my drawer and doing my drop bags (I have 2 separate ones to pay for the initial bank, and another with the money earned through store sales).  Let's not get into the fact that I'm so on edge at this point by the blatant disrespect from L, and total lack of comment by my supervisor (M), that I can't concentrate and had to redo one of my bags 3 times.  I wasn't about to start an argument or bring it up to M with L there because I don't want anyone to think that I'm not a team player even with someone so difficult to get along with (and I've heard nearly everyone who has worked with L complain about her).  So, I figured up my totals based on another register report that I printed from the register I was logged on to, and I was proven right.  I hadn't forgotten to log off the other register, what happened was because I was signed on to the other register, and the registers are technically computers, the computer recognized that I was logged on to a register, so when my card was scanned to log on to the second register, it pulled up everything that I had done on the register I had originally been using.

I told L, a bit triumphantly, "My bank balanced according to the register report, so I wasn't logged on to that register, too.  I wouldn't have been able to balance if I was."  She looks at me, shakes her head like I'm an idiot and says, "When I scanned your card, it wouldn't have let me log on to the register if you weren't already logged on."  I wasn't going to sit there and argue with her about it but I was getting steamed mostly because I knew I was right and she was obviously wrong but managing to make me look like an idiot despite the fact.

Then, because we weren't already there going on an hour after the store closed (can you hear the sarcasm?), L decided that since she couldn't find the receipt numbers, she was going to show me and M how to void out the transactions and cancel out the check.  She rang up a bag of ice, hit the button as if it was paid for in cash, then refunded and voided the ticket.  L then told me I could go ahead and reset the register, but she printed yet another register report, from which I still balanced, and it clearly showed the voided transaction.  I went to reset the register and it wouldn't let me close it out because it kept saying that I had an open check that needed to be closed.  That check was L's bag of ice.

She kept trying to void it out and having me try to reset the register again, but it wasn't working.  I tried to point out something and she throws up her hands and says, "Well, apparently you know what to do, so go ahead and do it."  In the end we spent almost 20 minutes on the phone with IT, who had to connect to the registers remotely to fix the problem.  The problem, which she caused not once but twice. She initially caused it by ringing up the bag of ice and processing it as a sale.  Then, she complicated it because before she did the "test" sale, when she swiped my card on the second register, she logged me off when she gave up searching for the receipt number, and didn't realize when she did that, she logged me off both registers, so according to the register's computer I didn't have a bank to process the sale or the void.  In the end, IT had to log me back on to the register, void out the sale, then put it in that $0 had been paid in cash for the voided sale to close out the check.  I had suggested that previously, but L ignored the suggestion because I'm too new as to know what I'm talking about.

So finally, an hour and a half after I was supposed to close (and almost 2 hours over the amount of time I was supposed to be there), we got a ride back to the casino from security.  Then L expected security to drop her and M off at the hotel before he took me to the employee entrance to do my drops at the cage cashier.  The security officer who knows me better than her said, "Nope, we drop the person with the bank off first." So, I got dropped at the employee entrance and was about 5 minutes from clocking out.  I was beyond angry at that point.  I had to take the public transportation train for a half hour then was going to have to walk home in the dark because know-it-all L had to cause issues, but thankfully my mom came and picked me up instead.  If I would have been able to walk home in daylight if I hadn't been that late getting home.

The bottom line is, even though I'm stubborn about being right about something, if I'm proven wrong, I will admit it.  To me a lie is a lie, no matter what purpose it has been told.  No, I'm not saying I haven't lied in the past and won't lie in the future, but I would never do it to harm someone else just so I could get ahead.  I also believe that being disrespectful to someone because you want them to appear as inferior to you is wrong.  I believe you earn respect but I give it to everyone until they've proven they don't deserve it.  I believe it's disrespectful to bring that kind of behavior to work with you.  I would never speak to one of my co-workers that way, no matter what they did to me, and I expect the same courtesy.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where Has the Time Gone

I didn't realize it has been almost a year since I posted on here and seeing that my traffic has improved a bit, I figure that maybe I should give an update.  I have updated my Rainbow Baby blog more often but that one's a little more personal than this since it's about my continuing efforts to try to have a healthy baby.

I just began a second part time job, which I'm liking so far but I'm just finishing my first week and still have some training to do before I'm positive about my capabilities with it.  Other than finally moving into our own place six months ago, there's not really anything new.  It wasn't our choice to move out on our own because we didn't think we could afford it but we've managed so far, but it was either move or get rid of our furbaby and we just couldn't do that.

We are currently battling mice in our apartment and our landlord seems to be happy to do nothing about it even though we've told him about it.  It doesn't seem like there's a lot of them but we can't seem to pinpoint where they are coming from and they are avoiding our traps, we've managed to catch one in the four months we've had traps out, and had one die mysteriously in front of our refrigerator for no reason we could determine.  Even though I've had bad luck with cats (one died when it fell out of a tree and broke its neck and another died from eating a poisonous mouse), we're seriously considering getting one.

Oh, well, that's pretty much been our year.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I'm very annoyed with my BFF right now.  I don't know if she reads my blog or not as she's never even hinted that she has and I don't freely advertise my posts on social networking.  I really just need to vent about her.

I've been best friends with her since 1st grade.  She and her husband got married 2 1/2 years before Mike and I did.  She'd just had her oldest, a little girl that's now 7, when Mike and I got married, and a little over 2 years later she had her son, who's 5 now.  I think her kids are absolutely adorable.

"What's the problem?" you ask.  The problem is that ever since we moved back to my hometown, I'm her go-to babysitter.  She has a lot of friends and family but I'm always the one she calls and if I tell her I can't do it, she will try to rearrange what she and her hubby are doing so that I can.  I admit, I have a hard time telling her no and I don't like making up excuses why I can't because I don't like lying.  One of the main reasons I hate babysitting for her is because she's always so wishy-washy on times.  I mean she will literally change the time she needs me there five or six times the day I'm supposed to babysit.

"Why is that a problem?" you ask.  Well, it's a problem because it's the only time she calls/texts me.  For awhile, she and I would go out to bars to see a local band we like but she's started doing that with other friends because I'm just not a big fan of going to bars/clubs.  Literally, other than babysitting her kids, the only time we've done anything together in a year where it was just me and her was a going to see a movie.

This also annoys me because whenever she and I (or she and her other friends) would go out, her husband would stay home with the kids because he's like me and doesn't care much for the bar scene.  What annoys me is whenever his best friend comes in from out of town and they want to go do something together, my best friend has to go with them, so they need a babysitter.  I'm sorry but if he can stay with the kids while she goes out with her friends, why can't she stay with the kids when he does?  After all, she does get to see his best friend when they go do things with him as a family.

What's really annoying me this time is the fact that she and her family have been on vacation with another couple this last week.  Literally, an hour after they get home she's bugging me to babysit the kids for her because she and her hubby "need a movie night".  She's not even giving me a day's notice on it either.  I wouldn't mind but in my point of view, her family's been on vacation with another family for a week and sharing a condo.  The movie they're wanting to go see has been out for a week, so they could have left the kids with this other couple while at their vacation destination and seen it, but no, that's not how it works.

I really do feel like we're not really friends anymore.  I'm just convenient.  I felt the same way with friends we had in Vegas after I lost my job at the Flamingo.  I love all of my friends dearly and they've all been there for me when I really need it but I don't like feeling like a convenient friend or fair-weather friend.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's Been 6 Months...Can You Tell

It's been 6 months since I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I decided that I was going to do a before and after pic to see if there's a difference in my appearance.  I can tell a difference but I wasn't sure how big of a difference it would make since I'm only on 25mcg of levothyroxine.  So, here's the before and after pic.

What I can see is a big difference in my cheeks.  My face isn't as round and my chin isn't quite as full.  I'm so thankful for my diagnosis. I do think between the hypothyroid diagnosis and being put on metformin a month ago, I'll be overcoming the obstacles this has thrown my way.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's On...

It is official, we are going on a trip to Las Vegas to visit Mike's family at the beginning of April. We are both so excited that we couldn't sleep for two nights after we booked the trip.

Not really anything else to report.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Stressful Life

Mike and I have a lot of things to stress out over right now, my health being at the top of the list along with trying to find a way to get to Vegas to visit his family because he hasn't seen them in almost 2 years.

When we moved here about a year and a half ago, Mike had just lost his job and I was working from home as a freelance journalist mostly part time but steadily enough. It took Mike over a year to find a job. My freelance work ended last year in November but I had started my own AVON business in June that I hoped to build up enough to make a decent living from and I started working as a domestic aide in January.

My AVON hasn't been successful mostly because I'm a horrible salesperson and I don't like to force people to buy from me. I really am considering just closing up shop with it and moving on to something else when I can afford to. I quit my domestic aide job in August because the family didn't really need me and called me off work more than they had me come in.

Now, Mike has a great full time job that he loves and I've been searching for work for months. It has been a difficult road for me. Because I have worked from home for so long, most possible employers won't consider my application, and don't consider it real work unless you have a successful company and are looking for something on the side.

I'll be honest, I hate living with my parents, especially my mother. She's a constant pain in the butt, and even more so now because she lost her job of 30+ years in August, so I have to see her all the time. I love her but hate living with her. I can deal with living with my dad but my mom just doesn't know when to leave me alone. I can be in our room working on the computer, and she will be talking to me through the closed door because if I'm not paying her attention, she's going to make me pay attention to her.

We really need to have two full time incomes so we can finally get back on our feet. We both always talk about getting our own place and what we are going to do differently than we did before. We talk about trying to buy a house again (or daydream about buying land and building a house) but there are so many things we need to do first, like de-stress our lives. We're working on it but it's one step at a time.